Helpful Tips for Writing to your Reps!

July 22, 2017



Dear Yolo Cannabis Community,


There has been some request for tips and guidance in letter writing, so we wanted to provide some additional instructions for y'all for more effective political engagement! 


1) Decide on an appropriate medium for your message:

Given time constraints, the most effective medium for maximum effort right now is email letters. While written/delivered letters are powerful, they do take longer to process.


2) Start with your full name and address in the upper left corner: 

Our Supervisors want to ensure that they are prioritizing constituents in their districts and in the county, so this is a quick way for them to do so. See map below for reference!


3) Address them with their full name and title next:

"Dear Supervisor Duane Chamberlain," for example. Send letters to Supervisors individually, making sure to address the correct Supervisor when doing so.


4) Get straight to the point, and back up your concerns:  

A lengthy introduction is not vital to effectively get your message across, especially since they are hearing from so many individuals on a daily basis. Summarize why you are writing them and what you would like from them, and back up your concerns with personal stories and facts wherever possible (while staying focused on the topic).


5) Always remain respectful and polite:

Anything else is counterproductive to not only effective policy but to the greater cannabis community in our region. Be especially polite to their staff as well! To help you with this, here are some good talking points:


Regulation of cannabis throughout our diverse industry provides a net benefit to all citizens who call Yolo County home (community as well as economic benefits).


Regulation is our best defense against unregulated markets who are not meeting the needs of our non-cannabis communities (that have voted in favor of sensible regulations).


This industry embraces principles of community development, sustainability, and the preservation of the agricultural lifestyle, unparalleled to other new industries today.



One Final Note: these efforts and helpful tips are made possible due to the tireless efforts of the YCC Staff and Board of Directors, who are fighting for your rights in Yolo County. We thank all of you who have signed up as official dues-paying members so far, but we urge each and every one of you to sign up today and be counted among this effort officially. We need a collective voice in Yolo County to represent our cannabis community, and we are asking for your contribution and commitment to this cause that benefits each and every one of you in some fashion. Together, we can protect our future in Yolo County. Join Here!


In Solidarity,


Eric M. Gudz

Executive Director

Yolo Cannabis Coalition 




Yolo County Supervisors contact information:

Supervisor Oscar Villegas, Vice Chair

District 1 (West Sacramento)

500 Jefferson Blvd
West Sacramento, CA 95605

Telephone: (916) 375-6440

Email District 1:

Supervisor Don Saylor

District 2 (West Davis, Winters)
600 A Street
Davis, CA 95616

Telephone: (530) 757-5557

Email District 2 Deputy Tara Thronson:

Email District 2:

Supervisor Matt Rexroad
District 3 (South Woodland, West Sacramento)
625 Court Street, Room 204
Woodland, CA 95695
Telephone: (530) 666-8621

Email District 3:

Supervisor Jim Provenza
District 4 (East Davis)
600 A Street, Suite C
Davis, CA 95616

Telephone: (530) 757-5554
Email District 4:


Supervisor Duane Chamberlain, Chair
District 5 (Woodland, Most of Yolo County West and North of Woodland)
625 Court Street, Room 204
Woodland, CA 95695

Telephone: (530) 666-8627

Email District 5:

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